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     Description about company
     ECelements was founded in 2005. It is dynamic grows private, family company, with very good knowledge about educational aspects of young people and very good practices in creation value added distributions and skills at building vendor positions on the market.

     Missions of ECelements:
-   to be a representative company or distributor of the vendors which design and deliver interesting toys (with educational and construction aspects) on Polish market, build a channel of loyal partners, support sales and marketing activities and build the vendor name and good position on the market .

     Situation in educational toys market in Poland.
     Polish market of the toys is very diverse. In the past the biggest part took place no very good quality toys but in very low price. Nowadays it's start to be change - people starts to buy educations and constructions toys. Development of this market is driven by the strong growing social tendencies to provide the children versatile evolution. It has direct impact on interest of individual customer (the parents) toys and accessories, where the basic plays functions are extended of educational functions. Such product is a very good supplement of children educations. It also give the filling properly made choice and responsible treatment of education. We can also observe intensification of daily life. The parents have a difficulties to spend enough time to play together with their children. They have also difficulties to find good quality toys which bring fun but also educate their children and helps them understand world around them.
     The big problem is also numbers of specialist shops and stores which offer selected toys with educational features. Numbers of the vendors - local and foreign representatives is also not so big on Polish market.

ECelements is a company which want to activly create this market and support its needs.

Current partners
- Plastwood - Supermag - magnetics constraction and blocks
- Eitech - metal and plastics construction blocks
- Hama
- AMAV - creative sets
- Teifoc - buildings with brics
- Elf Market
- Domus
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